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Maintain Your Partnership

Process Overview

To maintain a partnership with MedRIC, complete the following three steps in order.

  1. Update Your NIA DUA Annually
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  2. Update Your Variable Encryption Specifications Workbook
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  3. Send MedRIC an Updated Finder File (When Applicable)
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For detailed guidance on each step, click the step's corresponding slide number below.

CMS DUA with update icon.

Step 1: Update Your NIA DUA Annually

Timeline: 1-2 Weeks


NIA updates its CMS DUA annually. Once NIA does so, we will notify you about the data types and years that we've added, so that you can update your NIA DUA.

For every new year or type of CMS data that you want to link to your study or survey data, you must update (amend) your NIA DUA. To do so, you'll need to complete or provide the following NIA DUA update materials:

  • an updated Institutional Review Board (IRB) Letter/Waiver if your privacy protection plans have changed;
  • the MedRIC Data Request Form, specifying the additional data needed; and
  • the NIA DUA Form*, specifying the additional data needed.

*This form is a DocuSign form, which you will access through a link in Step 1 below. For all file-based forms, you will access them through downloadable file links in Step 2 below.

Your Action Item(s)

  1. Access, complete, and sign the DocuSign-based NIA DUA Form.
  2. Download and complete the following file-based form and file-based guidelines:
    1. the MedRIC Data Request Form - Study Partner; and
    2. the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Letter or Waiver.
  3. Email your completed request materials to MedRIC@AcumenLLC.com.

    Note: You do not need to email your DocuSign form, as DocuSign will automatically alert us to your completed form.
  4. Process any feedback from our team.
  5. Process any feedback from the NIA Privacy Board.
  6. Check your email for an updated NIA DUA from the NIA Privacy Board.
Workbook file icon with smaller circular arrow update icon.

Step 2: Update Your Variable Encryption Specifications Workbook

Timeline: 2 Weeks


If your NIA DUA update request includes new CMS data variables, you will need to update your Variable Encryption Specifications Workbook.

To this end, we will send you the list of new variables with our recommendations for encrypting these variables, as well as your existing encryption specifications, so you can revisit any previously assigned specifications.

Your Action Item(s)

  1. Review and revise (as necessary) the encryption specifications for your entire CMS dataset.
  2. Email the updated Workbook to MedRIC@AcumenLLC.com for processing.
Finder file icon with lock icon.

Step 3: Send MedRIC an Updated Finder File (When Applicable)

Timeline: 2 Months


To receive the most up-to-date CMS data for your study or survey cohort, you can send us an updated finder file, which we will use to link your survey participants with CMS's latest enrollment information.

Your Action Item(s)

  1. Securely transfer your finder file to us, using AES 256-bit encryption to protect your finder file submission.