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Make a New CMS Data Request

Process Overview

Under the direction of the National Institute on Aging (NIA), we distribute Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) data through our Health and Aging Data (HaAD) Enclave. For information on our Enclave, visit our Enclave page.

To obtain CMS data from our Center, complete the following eight steps in order:

  1. Review Our Data Sets
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  2. Get Partner Approval for Both Partner Data and Your CMS Data Request
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  3. Complete Your NIA DUA Request Materials and Submit Them to Us
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  4. Finalize Your NIA DUA Request Materials
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  5. Get Your NIA DUA
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  6. Track Your Dataset Creation
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  7. Configure Your HaAD Enclave Account
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  8. Access and Verify Your Enclave Workspace
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For detailed guidance on each step, click the step's corresponding slide number below.

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Step 1: Review Our Data Sets

Timeline: Up to 1 Week


We offer various types and years of CMS data for our National Institute on Aging (NIA) data partners. As a result, you will need to review the data inventory for each partner to assess what data you can request from us.

NOTE: Not all partners offer the same sets of CMS data files or CMS data variables.

Your Action Item(s)

  1. Review the Data Inventory page.
  2. Go to the Data Documentation page.
  3. Locate and download the CMS data dictionaries for the given NIA data partner.
  4. Review the downloaded data dictionaries.
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Step 2: Get Partner Approval for Both Partner Data and Your CMS Data Request

Timeline: 1-2 Months


Our NIA data partners must approve your access to both their data and CMS data, as combining CMS data with NIA study or survey data could pose privacy risks to partner's study or survey participants.

NOTE: Each partner's approval process is different. Contact them directly for more instructions.

Your Action Item(s)

  1. Reach out to the partner point of contact for guidance on how to request both their data and their approval to use CMS data as part of your study.
  2. Complete the partner's data application materials.
  3. Submit your data application materials to the partner.
  4. Work with the partner to finalize your data application materials.
  5. Obtain approval from the partner for both their data and the use of CMS data in your study.
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Step 3: Complete Your NIA DUA Request Materials and Submit Them to Us

Timeline: 2-3 Weeks


To request our CMS data sets, you will need to submit all NIA DUA request materials, which consist of:

  • the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Guidelines;
  • the MedRIC Data Request Form;
  • NIA data partner approval of your CMS data request;
  • the NIA DUA Form*; and
  • the Research Project Information Form.

*This form is a DocuSign form, which you will access through a link in Step 1 below. For all file-based forms, you will access them through downloadable file links in Step 2 below.

Your Action Item(s)

  1. Access, complete, and sign the DocuSign-based NIA DUA Form.

  2. Download and complete the following file-based form and file-based guidelines:
  3. Email your completed file-based forms and your previously approved NIA study or survey data materials to MedRIC@AcumenLLC.com.

    NOTE: You do not need to email the DocuSign form, as DocuSign will automatically alert us to your completed form.
NIA Form icon with checklist and smaller check icon.

Step 4: Finalize Your NIA DUA Request Materials

Timeline: 1-3 Weeks, Depending On Your Timeline for Revising Your Materials


We will review your request materials and provide initial feedback to you within seven (7) business days. If you need to revise and resubmit your request, we will provide feedback to you within five (5) business days.

Your Action Item(s)

  1. Work with us to revise and finalize your request materials.
NIA DUA file icon with NIA in file and DUA tag.

Step 5: Get Your NIA DUA

Timeline: 1-3 Weeks, Depending On Any NIA Privacy Board Requests


We will present your MedRIC data request to the NIA Privacy Board in a weekly meeting for their review and approval. We will notify you of the Board's decision and if additional edits are needed. If the Board approves your request, the Board will issue a data use agreement (DUA) to you.

Your Action Item(s)

  1. If necessary, address the NIA Privacy Board's requested edits.
  2. Submit your revised request materials to MedRIC@AcumenLLC.com.
  3. Once the Board approves your request, check your email for your NIA-issued DUA.
Dataset file icon with smaller magnifying glass icon.

Step 6: Track Your Dataset Creation

Timeline: 5 Business Days


After NIA issues you your NIA DUA, we will:

  • send you a customized and DocuSign-based MedRIC Project Users Services Agreement (PSA), which specifies terms for accessing the Health and Aging Data (HaAD) Enclave;
  • construct and validate your NIA-approved CMS data files;
  • produce your CMS data dictionaries;
  • work with the NIA data partner to obtain your approved NIA study or survey data files and documentation;
  • create an Enclave workspace for your study;
  • transfer all data files and data dictionaries to your Enclave workspace; and
  • create accounts based on your Compliance Officer-submitted user request.

Once we've transferred your files and documentation to the Enclave, you'll receive your account onboarding email.

Your Action Item(s)

  1. Access, complete, and sign your project-specific PSA in DocuSign.

    Note: You do not need to email us your completed Agreement, as DocuSign will automatically alert us to your signature.
  2. If, after completing the MedRIC Project Users Services Agreement, you do not receive an email from our HaAD Enclave support team within five (5) business days, contact MedRIC@AcumenLLC.com.
ID card icon with smaller gear icon.

Step 7: Configure Your HaAD Enclave Account

Timeline: 15 Minutes


Our Web support team will send an account configuration email to the address that your Compliance Officer specified for you.

Your Action Item(s)

  1. On receiving an account email from our Web support team, follow the email's instructions to complete your account registration.
  2. Pass Remote Identify Proofing (RIDP).
  3. Register a Multifactor Authentication (MFA) application with your account.
  4. Agree to the HaAD Enclave's Security Policy.
Computer icon with checkmark.

Step 8: Access and Verify Your Enclave Workspace

Timeline: 1-2 Business Days


After you log in to the HaAD Enclave, please verify that you have all the resources you requested.

Your Action Item(s)

  1. Log in to the HaAD Enclave.
  2. Verify that you have access to your approved data files and all approved software.
  3. Contact MedRIC@AcumenLLC.com if you encounter any issues.