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Close Out Your Existing Data Authorization

Process Overview

If you need to close out your study–in terms of both your National Institute on Aging (NIA) Data Use Agreement (DUA) and your team's HaAD Enclave access, complete the following two steps in order.

  1. Complete the NIA DUA Closeout Form
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  2. Receive Our Enclave Closeout Attestation
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For detailed guidance on each step, click the step's corresponding slide number below.

NIA File with a COD tag.

Step 1: Complete the NIA DUA Closeout Form

Timeline: Within 30 Business Days of Your NIA DUA Expiration Date


If you no longer need access to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) data, you will need to close out your NIA DUA.

Your Action Item(s)

  1. Complete the DocuSign-based NIA DUA Closeout Form.

    Note: You do not need to email the DocuSign form to us, as DocuSign will automatically alert us to the completed form.
Closeout file icon with checked checkboxes.

Step 2:  Receive Our Enclave Closeout Attestation

Timeline: A Few Minutes to a Few Business Days, Depending on the Time Needed for Project Workspace Archiving


After receiving your NIA DUA Closeout Form, we will disable all HaAD Enclave user accounts and destroy all sensitive data immediately, as well as archive your project workspace within a few business days. We will then email you an attestation that we have closed out your project resources and destroyed all of your project's sensitive data in the HaAD Enclave.

Your Action Item(s)

  1. (Optional) If you need to access archived resources after you have closed your NIA DUA or if you need to re-access sensitive data, email us at MedRIC@AcumenLLC.com.