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Health, Aging, and Body Composition (Health ABC)

Established in 1997, "the Health, Aging and Body Composition Study is an interdisciplinary study focused on risk factors for the decline of function in healthier older persons, particularly change in body composition with age.  The study was designed to address differences in onset of functional limitation, disability and longevity between older men and women as well as between Blacks and Whites. The study has employed a variety of methods to insure timely progression in the planning of the study from its inception. Retention in the study has been excellent with 99% of enrollees accounted for. About 2,100 persons completed the first six of the yearly examinations and 1,400 completed all eight contract-sponsored in-clinic examinations. This study should allow broadening of the perspective on biomedical contributors to independence, function and frailty, major areas of interest at NIA, as well as the interaction of frailty with comorbidity and mortality." (https://healthabc.nia.nih.gov/)

Additional Information

  • Principal Investigator(s)
  • Tamara Harris, National Institute of Aging (NIA)
  • Eleanor Simonsick, NIA Clinical Research Branch
  • Partner Organization Affiliation
  • National Institute of Aging (Bethesda, MD)
  • Grant No.
  • 1ZIAAG007390
  • Partnered with MedRIC In
  • 2018


Cohort Size

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Partner Data Categories


These data categories provide a MedRIC overview of the data in Health ABC's data documentation, not an exhaustive catalog. As such, the partner's dataset may contain additional information not presented in this list.
  • Biological Markers
  • Imaging, Tissue Collection, Weight
  • Demographic and Familial Characteristics
  • Ethnicity, Family History
  • Functional Capacities
  • Vision Test, Walking
  • Health Circumstances
  • Aging, Cardiovascular Events, Medical Expenditures
  • Psychosocial and Lifestyle Factors
  • Mental Health, Religion, Social Network
  • Wealth and Employment Histories
  • Finances, Work History

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