Medicare & Medicaid Resource Information Center (MedRIC)

We provide Medicare and Medicaid data and tools to academic, non-profit, and government researchers.

Our Work
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Our Work

We make Medicare and Medicaid data files for NIH survey-focused research. We obtain NIH survey participants’ Medicare and Medicaid data files and format those files for research use. We then provide these files to researchers, like you, who have Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approval to access these data.

We also build secure research tools. We use our security and data know-how to build research tools for sensitive data. To date, we’ve built a remote-access enclave that enables researchers, like you, to study sensitive CMS and NIH survey data in an environment that meets federal security mandates.

Primary Services

Primary Services

We provide two primary services to researchers and survey partners.

Research-Oriented Datasets

We offer the following types and years of Medicare and Medicaid data for research on NIH survey participants.

  • Medicare Parts A & B
    1991 - Current
  • Medicare Part D
    2006 - Current
  • Medicare-Managed Assessments
    1999 - Current
  • Medicaid
    1999 - Current

For more information on our data sets, visit the Data Inventory page.

For examples of publications that used these data, visit the Bibliography page.

Remote-Access Enclave

Our remote-access enclave has the resources needed to conduct health-related studies.

  • NIH survey and CMS data
  • Statistical software (R, SAS, and Stata)
  • Business software (e.g., Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word)
  • MedRIC-developed tools, such as a tool for requesting file transfers
  • Mattermost, a secure chat tool

Our Enclave also complies with the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA). For more information, visit the Enclave page.